Credit Repair & More

When searching for a ‘Credit Repair’ company, you MUST make sure the company has the following:

  • Licensed by a Local, City, and State Agencies (multiple in most states)
  • Bonded with @ least $100k
  • Registered with State Agencies (such as Mortgage and Lending Division)
  • Refund Policy @ least 3-days from contract signing
  • Education beyond Credit Repair Certification

Credit Care, LLC is licensed, bonded, and a registered company with a 5-day refund policy from contract sign date.  Our education includes MBA in Finance and Masters in Economics which is well beyond the certification of most credit repair agencies.  If a Credit Repair company cannot say all that, do not sign up because you are throwing your money in the trash.

Contact Credit Care, LLC for additional information so we can help get you to financial freedom through a YES, APPROVED!

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