What is Credit Care?

Credit Care is a service provided under the CROA that allows credit care service providers to assist consumers in the correction of items on their consumer credit reports that they deemed as inaccurate, fraudulent, outdated, misleading, and/or unverifiable.

How long does the credit care program take to see results on my credit report?

On average, the credit care process can take 6-9 months. Yet, at times we have experienced clients successfully graduating our program before the 6 months (depending on the severity of their credit report discrepancies). In some cases, clients have also experienced being enrolled beyond 9 months. Each situation is unique and it is the job of Credit Care to keep clients updated throughout the process. Our process is highly individualized and clients will be provided with an estimated time of service during the initial one-on-one enrollment session.

What items can be removed?

The FTC found that 4 out of 5 consumers have inaccuracies on their credit reports that caused them to be denied credit or granted credit at an unfavorable interest rate. Any negative item (collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, bankruptcies, repossessions, late payment indicators, student loans, judgments, tax liens, child support, inquiries, and/or personal data) that is questionable, fraudulent, inaccurate, outdated, misleading and or unverifiable can be legally and permanently removed from a credit profile.

How much will my credit score increase by?

There are far too many factors that make up the credit score; so it is impossible to give you an accurate prediction of how much your credit score will increase. In addition, we do not know what you might experience during this process. For instance, you could potentially get new late payment indicators, max out your credit cards, get new credit, get new collections notice, get a judgment placed against you, or one of hundreds of other things that would change the outcome of your service and your overall credit report and score.

However, just a 20 points FICO increase can mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in interest paid over the life of an average priced home. We, and our highly skilled associates, have a proven track record of raising FICO and Credit scores effectively to give our clients better purchasing power.

Is there any way to speed up the credit care process?

The answer is simply NO. By law, the credit bureaus have 30-45 business days from the date of receipt to investigate the challenges submitted.

Should I dispute online?

We do not recommend disputing discrepancies on your credit report online. Online disputes go through an expedited dispute resolution process. Although expedited appears to be the best way to get things resolved quickly, not until you read further into the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) will you realize you lose certain rights through online disputes.

The FCRA clearly states that if a dispute goes into expedited dispute resolution process then the bureaus do not have to comply with certain sections of the FCRA. Disputing online enables the bureaus to ignore or circumvent the law. You have a choice – convenience over loss of rights under the FCRA – select your full rights!

In addition, when disputing online, credit bureaus do not have to provide consumers with their method of verification which makes it easier for the credit bureaus to remove an item and reinsert it back on the credit report.

Why should enroll in a credit monitoring service?

Credit Care does not require clients to enroll in a credit monitoring service but there are substantial benefits to those services. Credit monitoring services allows us both to monitor your progress month to month for important changes to your credit report and credit score. Keeping a monitoring service is not a requirement of our service but is highly encouraged. Failure to keep an active monitoring account could result in the need to extend our program.

What are my credit scores and why are they different? Is Credit Karma, Score Sense, Credit Check Total, and similar other companies accurate?

You have thousands of credit scores not just from the 3 major credit bureaus. You have credit scores for each lending product (ie. credit card, mortgage, auto loan, and etc.) available and FICO (Fair Isaac and Company) has multiple credit scoring models. The credit score sites mentioned provide you with an educational credit score. In the past, we have witnessed an average score variation of 50 points at times.

Therefore, we encourage you to shift your attention away from your credit score and toward what is located within your credit report. Once you begin applying the FICO credit-scoring model to your credit reports, an increased credit score should follow.

What can I expect from Credit Care, LLC?

  • Regular challenges submitted to all three (3) credit bureaus, creditors, and/or collection agencies
  • 24/7 access to the work completed on your credit profiles via our client portal
  • A detailed chart audit progress report starting every 90 days from your initial enrollment session
  • Email, phone call, and/or portal response time within 24-48 hours
  • Highly skilled, honest, professional, and courteous customer service

What does Credit Care, LLC expect from its clients?

  • Provide us with updated contact information (phone, address, email address, and etc.)
  • Promptly forward us copies of any and all credit related information that you receive via mail to our office
  • We ask that you communicate any questions and/or concerns that you have regarding your credit, credit care process, or other services, etc.
  • We expect to receive prompt payment for the monthly service fee. As explained in our engagement agreement, we bill in arrears. This means that you pay for the credit care work after it is completed
  • It is recommended that you remain actively enrolled in a credit monitoring service or review your credit reports at least once to twice per month and bring additional issues to our staff within 72 hours of being posted to your credit report
  • Do not apply to new credit cards or loans as the inquiries and potential denials can negatively impact your credit score.
  • Keep current credit card balances at least 50% the entire available credit to prevent a drop in your credit score. For instance, if you have a $1,000 credit care limit, do not charge more than $500 to that credit card and keep up on all payments.
  • Make timely payments for current credit cards or loans. Late payments can cause a drop in your credit score.

Notice: Failure to remit monthly service fee by the 1st or the 15th (your choice) or can result in a delay, a flat $19.95 late fee will be applied to your account, and/or suspension of services. A suspended account requires a reinstatement fee that determined on a case-by-case basis but start at $25.00 to reestablish a suspended account.

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